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1. Each person in a group will become an expert on a different topic that centers around the internet. Discuss the different kinds of experts with your teammates and decide who will become the expert of each topic.
Write the assignments down and give them to your teacher before proceeding.

Surfer Dude - You love looking for information on the internet. You can spend hours looking for one small piece of information because you love to see where other links go. You are not too knowledgeable about how to get the information you are looking for, but at least you know it is out there. Surfer Dude Questions.pdf

Slick the Spammer- You are an e-mail-aholic. If you had a choice, e-mail would be the only form of communication. You love sending and receiving e-mails, no matter who they are from. slick the spammer Questions.pdf

Netiquette Ned - You are always trying to be as nice as you can be. You have learned all the rules of proper etiquette in your day to day experience. But when it comes to the Internet, your skills are a bit lacking. You seem to forget what it means to be nice. Netiquette Ned Questions.pdf

IM a Chatterer - You love to talk. You are always getting in trouble at school for talking to your friends. You love to stay online for hours at a time chatting with online friends that you have met. You have never really learned the proper rules of chatting, but you do not think you need them.IM a Chatterer questions.pdf

2. As a group, look over the rubrics to make sure you understand exactly what is expected of you.

3. Use the links provided to answer your specific questions. Think about any other possible questions parents might have about this area or topic. Keep track of where you find the information you are using for you answers.

4. After you have all your questions answered you will create a minimum two slide Power Point presentation that we will merge together with the rest of your group for your group presentation. Make sure that your presentations are uniform, same background, font, etc.

5. You will present your findings to the rest of the class in preparation for the all-important PTO meeting next week!

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