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My Responsibilities

Each student will be responsible for completing the following:
1. Individual assignment questions.
2. Creating at least two slides for your multimedia project.
3. Presenting a portion of your multimedia presentation.
4. Becoming an expert in your area in order to present your findings and answer questions about your topic.

Group Responsibilities

Each group must complete the following:
1. A Power Point presentation that is at least 8 slides long and follows the criteria listed on the rubric.
2. Present their project in a way that will persuade their audience to vote in favor of keeping the Internet in school.

How will it be graded?

Role Questions
1. Each student must turn in a paper with questions and answers listed
2. Each question is worth five points
3. There are a total of 40 points possible for this portion of the project.

Multimedia Project/Presentation
1. Review rubric for exact criteria

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