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You've been studying the components that make up a personal computer. Now it's your turn to build your own virtual computer, piece by piece. You have a budget of $1,000 and you need to select components that will become your dream computer!

Before you begin selecting the components for your computer system, be sure that you have a definite purpose in mind for how your system will be used. For example, if your dream system will be used by your family for basic homework assignments, would you need to spend your money on the fastest processor, largest hard drive, or most expensive mother board? On the other hand, if you are into gaming or multi-media presentations, you'd need different components that may be more costly. Write the purpose of your machine in the space provided on your DREAM MACHINE WORKSHEET. This WebQuest will use links to hardware pages that contain specific information about the required components in your system. You must choose each component and include an explanation as to why you chose the particular component.

Help me Choose a PC
New Egg
Best Buy
Micro Center

Familiarize yourself with the components of a PC.
Decide how you would use a PC.
After you know what you are looking for, start shopping!
When you have found all of your components, create a spreadsheet to organize and calculate your information.

Type a paragraph defending the choices you made.

Buying a PC can be an overwhelming experience, but if you do some research and know what your needs are, you can create your Dream Machine!