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Take That!

As part of your Multimedia Class you will be designing an electronic yearbook to give away to all of the students at Westmont Junior High School. Knowing that there are copyright laws protecting various kinds of media, you all see the importance of familarizing yourselves with the laws so that you can produce an entertaining and legal product.

You need to find out what is allowable for students to use according to the copyright laws. Since Fair Use allows students some special allowances, you need to check out the on line resources to discover what can be legally included in your class project.
Each person will be assigned a topic, which already has some questions developed for you to guide your research. As you search for these answers, you should also take notes. Each team will then prepare an attractive Publisher flyer. Each flyer needs to include the names of those who worked on it, the topic, at least four points about your topic, 2-4 pictures and bibliography information for all of your sources.
1. For background music of a picture slideshow, can you use a song that you downloaded from Limewire for free? Can you use a song that you paid for from iTunes? Explain.
2. You surveyed WJH students and found out their favorite songs of the year. Can you include a list of top five songs in the yearbook? Can you add the music? Why or why not?
3. You have an audio clip of a song the band played. Mrs. McGovern legally acquired the rights to perform the song. Can you include it? Explain.

1. The WJH cheerleaders performed to a song at the basketball games. Miss Poloncsik has legally acquired the rights to the song. One of the girl's parents videotaped it. Can we use it? Explain.
2. You videotaped the talent show. You want to include some of the performances. Can you? Explain.
3. We had a really cool music group perform at an assembly. Afterwards, we bought a copy of the DVD. Can we include this? Explain.

1. You surveyed WJH students and found their favorite cartoon characters. Can you include a list of their names? Can you include clips of shows containing the top 3 characters? Explain.
2. One especially creative WJH student writes comic strips. Can you include these? Why or why not?
3. Some students who love The Simpsons found the script to an episode and acted it out. They asked if they could be included. Can you add this? Why?
4. You found images online of many of WJH's favorite comic characters. Can you include them? Explain.

Film and TV
1. With YouTube being so popular, you surveyed WJH students to find out their favorite videos. Let's pretend they are all school appropriate. Can you include them? Explain.
2. Can you include a list of the top movies and TV shows of the year? Why or why not? Can you include part of a TV episode?
3. You surveyed WJH students and found out their favorite movie of the year. Can you include a portion of the movie? What are the guidelines to this?

Print: Literature, Magazines, Newspapers
1. Each year Mrs. Deegan and Miss Walsh have students write a script for a portion of a novel. Then groups of students read and perform the skits. Can you include these? Why or why not?
2. You asked Mrs. Jordan for a list of the most-checked-out books of the year. Can you include a list of them?
3. The whole school read The Revealers. Can you scan the book and include it? Explain.
4. You want to scan the front page of the Westmont Progress for some of the year's big news stories. Is this okay?

Photography and Art
1. For Mrs. Roettger's art class, you were to create a sculpture of a face. One student chose Shrek. You want to take a picture of this and include it in the yearbook. Can you?
2. You asked WJH students to contribute pictures that they took of friends at dances, sporting events, etc. Can you include these?
3. A photographer from the Daily Herald took pictures at the cross country meet and included one in the newspaper. Can you scan this picture and use it? Explain.
4. At the dance, a professional photographer came and took pictures of couples and groups. You want to scan these pictures and include them. Can you?

You realize that some of the pieces of media that you would really like to add to the yearbook do not fall under the Fair Use guidelines. Compose a draft of a letter to the owner of the media asking permission to use it in the school yearbook.

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This Web Quest was adapted from Mrs. DeForest's Copyright Web Quest, Roselle Middle School, Roselle, IL